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The Art of Color Therapy

Art of color therapy

All colors in therapy emit more or less waves of vibration that create a feeling of warmth or coolness when they hit an object. Red has the longest wavelength, causing the least amount of vibration. Violet has the shortest wavelength, causing the fastest vibration.

  • Red color creates intensity and blue color creates coolness. Green is a balancing in color therapy.
  • The density of the red color limits its movement and rate of vibration, while the blue color gives a feeling of spaciousness in the environment.

Different colors create different feelings. For example, red is burning, orange is hot, yellow is mildly hot, green is neither cold nor hot, and purple is cool with stinging sensation. The color creates a sensation of stinging, biting, crushing, pinching or hitting on the hand. People generally don’t think about colors. We are impressed by the images but do not pay attention to the mood of the colors. Experiments show that depression and insomnia sufferers recover faster from violet-blue and turquoise colors.

Red orange and yellow colors eliminate laziness and laziness. A researcher says that aggressive and vindictive feelings are overcome by keeping the patient in pink. Pink color is soothing for vein muscles. The sedative effects of pink are being used for muscle sex, family discussions, business matters, and prison reform. Pink color reduces anger. Muscles under the influence of this color do not accelerate. Even blind people feel comfortable in pink rooms.

Properties For Color Therapy

1. Mental properties

2. Physical properties

we will explore more the colors with these 2 properties for each.

You will find more types of color therapy

Types of Color Therapy

Red color

Red rays are found in the following objects. 

  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Potassium
  • Oxygen
  • Beets
  • Radishes
  • Spinach
  • Red cherries
  • Red-skinned fruits
Mental Properties: 

A deep interest in this color is driven by feelings of courage and love. Relationships end when things go wrong. Expectations are shattered and no strategy works. In such a case, the red color becomes dominant in the mental center. When the mind is overwhelmed by the color red, everything appears red. Red An excess of red in the center is indicative of unusual emotional attachment or hurt feelings. People with red color in moderation help others, they are concerned about humanity and their race.

Use all your talents in favorite hobbies. People under the influence of red live a good life and are obese because they cannot control their emotions in food and drink and other matters. We must go through a period in life when the color red dominates all other colors. Red color becomes very strong during puberty. This color is the color of stimulating emotions, giving happiness and full of life. Nowadays, people sit for long hours in the car, bus, in front of the television or in the office, do not exercise, as a result of which the red center remains inactive, therefore degeneration is imposed at a faster rate.

Physical Properties:

The color red is hot. This color has high constructive potential. This color therapy stimulates the blood, in anemia if red rays are applied to the spinal cord, the number of red blood cells (R.B.C.) increases.

If the paralysis falls on any part of the body, by applying red rays, the blood circulation is accelerated and the nervous system is corrected, and if the same rays are applied to the navel and the upper part of the leg, the slow nerves are stimulated.

Orange color

Orange color is found in these foods and fruits.

  • iron
  • calcium
  • nickel
  • orange
  • peel fruits
  • carrots
  • sweet pumpkin
  • apricots
  • mangoes
  • peaches etc.
Mental Properties:

People who are dominated by the color orange are interested in sports that are tiring. Such people want to do everything as quickly as possible and get upset if they can’t do it. These people are good administrators. Orange people like to have people around them. Wear loose and comfortable clothing.

They have a special taste to decorate the concerts. People with a dominant orange complexion tend to be more athletic than those with a dominant red complexion. Waking up early in the morning is easier when bright orange dominates.

Physical Properties:

Orange color helps in digestion. Orange is very useful in lung disorders due to cold, tuberculosis, dysentery and sprains.

Yellow color

Healthy benefits of yellow color therapy

According to chemical analysis, yellow color is stored in following:

  • gold
  • calcium
  • nickel, zinc
  • copper
  • platinum
  • sodium
  • phosphorus
  • golden grains
  • bananas
  • pineapple
  • lemons
  • gray fruits and most fruits with yellow skin.
Mental Properties:

Yellow is the color of research. Dominant yellow colored people are fond of learning knowledge. Such men and women lead a life full of study. Scientists, politicians and businessmen are mostly under the influence of this color. Women and men who have moderately increased density of yellow color in their mental center are materialistic and prefer personal interest. 

Any yellow-colored person is worldly successful because he knows the art of earning wealth and using it properly. Yellow is the color of sunshine. Yellow colored people are active and Live well. Yellow color stimulates the mind. If you ever suffer from mental confusion, use yellow paper to write letters. In a room where sunlight does not enter, yellow color has a pleasant effect on the mood.

Physical Properties:

Jaundice is the best remedy for all stomach ailments. Improves digestion by expelling gas from the stomach. Liver diseases are useful for getting rid of bloody hemorrhoids. This color removes blemishes on the body. Deficiency of yellow pigment causes diseases, and its excess is one of the causes of fever.

Green color

Green color is found in nickel, chromium, cobalt, platinum, aluminum, chlorophyll and most vegetables and green leafy vegetables.

Mental Properties:

Green color is soothing, Predominant green people are filled with love and love radiates from them which makes the environment subtle. People love them dearly. Dominant green people are gardeners and farmers. Since the green color has come into being from the combination of yellow and sky color, under its influence, the mind of women and men remains smart.

Listens calmly to the viewpoints of others. People come to him in large numbers to express their problems and seek solutions. Men and women love children and animals and enjoy their closeness. Teachers at nursery school children have this color in abundance. Due to the combination of sky color, such people have special relationship with water, lake, river and sea. They are very balanced in temperament and do not get angry easily, but being soft-hearted, they are easily affected by trauma. These people like to wear light colored clothes. Green people are never satisfied with their work. They love to do new things and are full of talent.

Physical Properties:

Green color is very useful especially for nervous system and high blood pressure. This color has excellent wound healing properties. Water is vital for ulcer patients. Most vegetables are green. If they are eaten raw or cooked in any form, the effects of green color are embedded in the body. 

Turquoise is created by mixing green and blue. This color energizes the skin fibers. It is the best treatment for sunburned skin and itching. Creates tension in shriveled and wrinkled skin due to which attractiveness is created in the personality. It will also helps to get Vitamins in your body through skin.

sky blue

Blue color is found in all blue colored fruits and vegetables except:

  • aluminum
  • cobalt
  • zinc and lead
  • potatoes
  • grapes
  • pears
Mental Properties:

Celestial color is a manifestation of unity, this color is spiritual. A halo of heavenly color in the ideal body indicates that this person is a master of art. Possesses a calm nature, has spiritual understanding. The deeper the color, the higher the level of spirituality, integrity, and sanctity. 

The people who are dominated by the heavenly color are those who fear God, serve the creatures, meditate on the signs of God, love the prophets and saints of God. Women and men with this color consider the way of thinking of the Prophets as the ideal of life. Encourage brotherhood and brotherhood, stay away from divisiveness.

Physical Properties:

The sky color is slightly more important than other colors. His temper is cool. It is considered anti-red color. Antipyretics are extremely useful in reducing nervous tension, moderating increased pulse rate and calming the mind. Blue color helps in controlling high blood pressure. Sky color helps to calm the nerves and reduce mental and physical stress.

Blue color is useful in the following various diseases.

Common fever, scarlet fever, typhoid, plague, smallpox, epilepsy, hysteria, heart attack, thirst, jaundice, biliousness, eye diseases, venomous stings, scabies, ulcers, dental diseases and insomnia.

Blue color

If there is a slight red in the sky, it is blue.

Mental Properties:

Ladies and gentlemen of this color are interested in the treatment of creatures. Physicians and doctors belong to this color. Although such people do not speak much, yet others gain self-awareness in their company as if they are a mirror in which people see themselves.

Such people are quiet, calm and gentle and have the quality that people feel calm when sitting next to them.

Physical Properties:

This color is useful in the treatment of blood purification, eye edema, certain ear diseases (ringing in the ears), nervous disorders, inflammation of the respiratory tract, lung and nasal disorders, tonsils and cough.

Violet color

Violet has equal amounts of red and blue.

Mental Properties:

People of this color are sensitive and express it in different ways. Violet is the color of artists and painters. Unless we have some violet within us, we cannot perceive beauty. If the proportion of red color is high in the violet color, it is expressed in the form of sex, but if it has a high amount of blue color, the opposite is the case. Sometimes they get lost in themselves.

This is what happens with good artists, such people have high spiritual values. If their inner eyes are opened, they see the unseen. The spirit of construction is always present in these people. These people think less for themselves and more for the human race and are always worried that the human race will benefit from them, they do not want to waste even five minutes of their life.

Physical Properties:

Violet color stimulates the spleen and boosts immunity. Violet color helps to maintain the balance of potassium and sodium in the body.

Violet colors stop the unnecessary movement of all the glands including the lymphatic glands. This color is also useful for weight loss by controlling appetite. Reduces severe stress and anxiety. This color is an excellent recipe for deep and restful sleep. Violet color is useful in the following various diseases. 

Venereal diseases, painful urination, gonorrhea, frequent urination, diabetes, uterine disorders, leukorrhea, kidney edema and bladder stones.

Magenta color

If yellow color is added to violet color, crimson color is formed. A person with this color has high administrative skills. “Every person has some color dominant inside him, and he looks at life through the lens of that color.” The colors we choose for home and clothing are the result of our deep interest. 

  • If we become aware of the fact that colors are really important, gradually the mysteries of our own colors will be revealed to us.
  • The color of clothes we wear has an effect on who we are and our environment.
  • Colors have many shades. We choose the color in clothes based on the inner impulse that tells us which color is good for us.
  • Maybe the color that we don’t like today, after a year we will like the same color. This change means that there is a change in the flow of light within us.

If we consider what colors are scattered in our environment, what color clothes do we wear and what is the color of food? So, we will become aware of the fact that our life is nothing but colors.

A journey of consciousness

After spending a certain amount of time in this world, we are born into a world from where our second journey begins. In this world we have to deal with milky light. The milky light is seen by the third eye. The milky light maintains its equilibrium.

At the same time, it maintains the balance of others and this light is also embedded in the objects used for the body. This is why spiritual people’s things are preserved as blessings. Pure and subtle waves continue to spread out of the graves. The transparent interior houses a collection of lights that keep the environment illuminated. People who are bathed in milky light are dim-witted and take time out from worldly activities to sit in a corner and meditate.

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