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How to get rid of chin fat

How to get rid of chin fat

You can get rid of chin fat with multiple strategies like diet, Exercise, and surgery. There is no doubt that a healthy diet and exercise are essential to gradual weight loss and long-term well-being. However, imagine an important event is coming up, and you want to look your best.

You have everything ready, but one question nags you, even though you have been working on it for a long time. How to get rid of chin fat? Chin fat or double chin can ruin your looks and take away the glamor you have so much worked on by buying an outfit, the right accessory, etc.

So, here are some tips to answer the most essential beauty questions for the upcoming 2024. We will start by understanding what double chin or chin fat is before reaching the answer for how to lose chin fat.

What’s chin fat?

A double chin or chin fat is the excess weight underneath the chin, giving the illusion of two chins. This access chin fat typically accumulates between your chin and neck, making you look older. Some people even lose their natural jawline because of the double chin.

Knowing that the chin fat is the extra fat and weight, the question arises about why people get this fat

stored under their chin. So, before getting to the point of how to get rid of chin fat, we need to explore the cause of a double chin.

What are the causes of chin fat?

Most of the time, the simple reason for a double chin is overall obesity or even a slight overweight. While double chin is not a fatal disease, the root cause can be related to health issues such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, and more.

Stressed because of chin fat
Stressed because of chin fat

Genetics sometimes also results in chin fat, as some people have a softer or stronger jawline due to genetic heritage. Muscle density can also be a genetic issue that may result in a higher composition of body fat. In any case, chin fat sometimes sticks and causes severe depression and a sense of inferiority.

complex in people. So, it is essential to know how to get rid of chin fat and live confidently.

How to get rid of chin fat?

There are several ways to reduce chin fat naturally or with special treatment. Here, we list some tips and recommendations to help you discover how to lose chin fat.

How to lose chin fat through exercise?

Exercise is a gradual yet long-term solution to the double chin and many other issues. Exercising is a natural solution to burn fat and reduce your body’s excess weight.

There are some specific exercises that affect the muscles around your chin, gradually helping you lose the submental fat. Including exercise in your routine and doing the regime regularly is essential to get the best results. These facial exercises include:

  • Stretching your tongue out and upwards for 10 seconds 8 to 10 times in intervals
  • Slow neck rolls 15 on each side, alternating the sides
  • Chin presses for 10 seconds with a tennis ball between your chin and lower neck 8 to 10 times in intervals
  • Puckering your lips while stretching your head backward. Hold position for 30 seconds 8 to 10 times with intervals
  • Jutting out your lower jaw forward and holding it for 30 seconds 8 to 10 times with intervals

Besides these particular exercises, chewing gum regularly also increases your muscle movement. However, the best solution is regularly exercising for the whole body, including cardio and strength training.

This will not only help you lose the chin fat but will keep your body toned, promoting your overall health.

How to get rid of chin fat through diet?

Weight gain is one of the most common causes of double chin. Therefore, maintaining a diet to lose

Double chin
Double chin

weight can also answer your concern about how to get rid of under chin fat. Here are some tips for a healthy diet for a healthy weight.

  • More servings of vegetables and fruits per day.
  • Use whole grains instead of refined grains.
  • Avoid processed foods.
  • Eat lean meat for protein.
  • Eat good fat found in olive oil, nuts, and avocados.
  • Eat low-fat dairy products.
  • Keep the calorie count of your daily food. Start calorie deficit if you want to lose weight fast.

As the balanced diet begins its wonder on your overall body fat, you will start seeing the decline in your double chin.

Through treatments and tools?

In many cases, the double chin is hereditary. No matter how fit you are and how healthy you eat, your question about how to lose chin fat persists. With the advancement in technology, many treatments and tools have been introduced that help you get rid of your chin fat faster.

  1. Facial moisturizers with vitamin C, collagen, and green tea extract firm and tighten neck skin, making your saggy skin associated double chin go away.
  2. Applicators infused with caffeine, collagen, and vitamins adhere to the skin and restore the skin’s elasticity.
  3. Face straps and belts are designed to attach to the face. They tighten the skin in the submental area.
  4. Mouthpieces designed to perform jaw exercises stimulate muscle and burn fat.
  5. Massaging Tools like face rollers can also reduce your double chin by stimulating collagen production, which burns fat, makes skin more elastic, and helps blood circulation.
  6. Injectable Lipolysis gives you a faster answer to how to get rid of chin fat. Lipolysis involves injecting a solution that digests fat cells, reducing double chin. Multiple sessions at intervals of 4-6 weeks are essential for the best results.
  7. Laser lipolysis non-invasively targets fat cells, melting fat through heat energy from a laser beam. It also needs multiple sessions with intervals for the best results.
  8. Mesotherapy is similar to injection lipolysis. The deoxycholic acid solution is injected into the skin to eradicate stubborn fat cells. However, these injections are infused in the mesoderm, while lipolysis injections target subcutaneous fat.
  9. Coolsculpting is like laser lipolysis, but it freezes fat instead of melting it. The cells become dead, and the body eventually expels them, giving you a defined chin.


The article gives you a significant insight into the double chin, its causes, and how to reduce it. If you are also skin about how to get rid of chin fat, you can follow the natural diet and exercise. However, if you want faster results and want to lose your chin fat before 2024, opt for one of the treatments after consulting the professionals.

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