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Why do my eyes hurt when I look around

Why do my eyes hurt when I look around

For instance, if you are wondering, “Why do my eyes hurt when I look around?” this blog can resolve it by sharing the reasons for, remedies for, and precautions for the issue. Your eyes can indeed hurt for a variety of reasons, from vision-threatening issues to dust, but don’t worry; 80 out of 100 times, eye pain is not very serious.

But it is always a good idea to get your eyes checked by a professional eye specialist instead of panicking.

However, sources such as these blogs can answer some of your eye-related health questions.

Reasons for why do my eyes hurt when I look around

In order to deal with the problem, it is significant to know the causes.

Dry Eye

Most of the time, neither of your eyes might make natural tears. Your tears evaporate more quickly than others. It happens when the below part of your eyes dries out. In such cases, your eyes get irritated and

cause pain, making you think why do my eyes hurt when I look around?

You possibly feel burning and gritty, and yes, it will cause pain. If your eyes get red and you have light sensitivity, then your eyes might be in a trap of dry eye syndrome.

Your dry eyes can get soothed using artificial tears via liquid gel or an approved ointment. (It is always a good idea to put your ointment in a refrigerator to get faster and better results.)

Some Other home tricks and tactics for treating dry eyes include:

  • Spray a humidifier in your home and workplace.
  • Less exposure to air conditioning or heating.
  • Put your glasses on with shields.

Corneal Abrasion

Corneal Abrasions can cause pain and propel you to wonder why my eyes hurt when I look around? Corneal Abrasions refer to the dark scratch marks on the base of your cornea. You can get it by accident or from some severe injury or trauma. For example, a torn contact lens can scratch your cornea. It can also happen when a foreign body gets into your eyes.

right eye
right eye

Pain in your eyes caused by a corneal abrasion can be very painful. It can distract you from regular work like driving, using laptops or mobile phones, cooking, or even sleeping.

Other than eye pain, individuals with corneal abrasions usually experience sensitivity in their eyes.

Many eye specialists prescribe NSAID drops to relieve eye pain infected by eye abrasions. Well, NSAID eye drops are exactly not usually prescribed for long runs as they can cause more corneal problems.

Stys syndrome

A stye is a bold reddish bump that shows like a horrible pimple and couches on or inside the lid of your eyes. Stye often builds up when oil dirt on your eyelid causes infection.

The most basic symptoms of a stye are:

  • Falling tears
  • Swelling in eyes

You can apply a moist, warm compress to your eye for a few minutes 5 to 6 times a day. This simple compress may naturally drain your stye pain.

It is necessary to neglect squeezing or popping the stye, as this can quickly spread the infection and may cause damage to your eyes.

If it does not resolve or becomes infected, you may need to use a few antibiotic eye drops or oral antibiotics, but again, after the doctors’ recommendations.

Natural injury

Natural Injury is one of the most fundamental reasons for eye-hurting issues. It can happen because of a sports injury, a simple accident, or a dust that meets your eyes. These kinds of damages can lead to changes to your eyesight and, sometimes, permanent vision loss.

Other than vision loss, eye injuries can also cause swelling and burning. Pain can increase or worsen when you are trying to move your eyelids, shutter your eyes, or open them.

Several severe cases of eye swelling can even change your entire face to a deep swell.

Eye injuries can also happen in the workplace. Well, many people experience eye injuries at their offices or workstations. That’s why the month of March is designated as Workplace Eye Wellness Month.

It’s vital to remember that injuries of an eye can occur at any place. If you’re doing anything that puts you in danger of an eye injury, take precautions by using genuine protective eyewear to lessen the risk of injury.


Hyphemia is a rare condition where blood circulates via the cornea (the outer part/layer of the eye) and the iris (the inner layer). The blood covers up the full iris and part of the pupil. It can lead to light sensitivity and blurry vision.

Eye Anatomy
Eye Anatomy

In other words, a clot in the blood in the eye is called a hyphemia. This red clot is a kind of hemorrhage that occurs when a blood vessel tears apart. The broken blood vessel causes blood to show in the simple white matter of the eye, but it does not create burn or pain.

However, it may lead you to wonder the question we are discussing: why do my eyes hurt when I look around?


Sclerotic oedema (another name for scleritis) is an inflammation of the white layer of your eye. It’s autoimmune, in which the body, by mistake, hunts its own tissue and usually causes scleritis. In this issue, the pain is extremely severe and feels as if it is rooting from deep within both your eyes.

When to reach out to the doctor?

Using some natural remedies is the perfect way to take precautions for mild eye pain, as they are mostly harmless if not useful. For example, you can use a cool compress over your eyes.

If your eye pain worsens or it burns and doesn’t get better. It’s time to see your eye doctor immediately.

without wasting time wondering why my eyes hurt when I look around. Many eye issues are easy to treat at home, but it’s vital to see your doctor to confirm that there is not any chance of something.


In a nutshell, when you have a question, Why do my eyes hurt when I look around? Then don’t worry at first. Infection or an injury can cause pain in the eyes.

Stys or dryness may not require a doctor’s consultation. But if you’re also feeling pressure, burning, extreme pain, fever, or eye vision problems, talk to a professional eye doctor as soon as possible. Some eye pains can cause permanent blindness if they’re not treated professionally or left untreated.

Frequently asked questions:

1.Why do my eyes hurt when I look around?

They can happen due to dryness, corneal abrasions, or some injury.

2.Do over-the-counter (OTC) eye drops work when I feel pain in my eye?

No, not at all. Eyes are very sensitive, and it is better to consult a professional doctor.

3.Is the red eye being a big issue?

Yes, it can cause severe issues like permanent blindness if you don’t get them checked by the specialist

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